CKT Recertification


Founded by (Steve Cotter) in 2008, IKFF has worked tirelessly to promote safe, effective kettlebell and fitness training all around the world. Along with (Ken Blackburn) and our team of (master trainers), IKFF has established a Global standard for excellence in the development of certified kettlebell trainers.

The use of the kettlebell has grown immensely world-wide over the past decade, and the need for a high-level of professionalism among the certified kettlebell trainers must continue to match this growth.

We are guided by Professional ethics – first, do no harm

This commitment to safe coaching practices starts with technical competence and a careful eye for identifying and correcting faulty form. The duty of the trainer is to provide a safe environment for the students they serve.


All IKFF – certified trainers will maintain a commitment to continuous growth and development. The IKFF Fitness Test is how the certified kettlebell trainer shows technical skill and is the criteria for professional standard. All IKFF-certified trainers will stay current with his or her kettlebell practice by re-certifying every 2 years

Recertification process

To maintain active IKFF-certification, a CKT has 3 options:

  • attend a live IKFF (course)
  • If you are unable to attend a live IKFF course, you can submit your assessment by (video) to be graded for approval by IKFF
  • You can schedule a private training with (Steve Cotter)
  • All current CKTs who certified prior to June 1, 2018 will have until Jan 1, 2019 to recertify and maintain CKT validity
  • CKTs certified after June 1, 2018 will have a 3-month grace-period to recertify
  • (27 months for every 2-year period)
  • A CKT that does not recertify within the 27-month period will lose IKFF-certification validity and will not be eligible for re-certification.