Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 2


CKT Level 2 takes a deeper dive into the coaching and practice of the 5 Pillars of the IKFF Kettlebell system as presented in CKT Level 1 and expands into the mastery of double kettlebell training.

The IKFF reverse-engineering model exemplifies the ability of CKT Level 2 trainers to skillfully break down even the most complex sequences of kettlebell movements into the component parts, thereby being able to model safe and effective lifting mechanics to their students (customers/clients).

The perpetual commitment of IKFF to this sharpening of the saw provides the industry-standard for Certified Kettlebell Trainers and models how to teach and supervise these exercises for the fitness-minded and sporting public.

CKT Level 2 further refines the fitness professional’s excellence in the art of and science of kettlebell coaching.

What you will learn at CKT certification Level 2

This course focuses development of mastery with double kettlebell exercises, and models how to teach and supervise these exercises to the training public in the most safe and effective manner, and greatly expands upon the CKT Level 1 curriculum.

Elements of CKT Level 2

  • A further polishing of the art and science of teaching kettlebells
  • Progressions in the practice of the 5 Pillars of the IKFF kettlebell
  • Extensive warm-up and cool-down sequences
  • Refinement of the Demonstration/Practice/Progress coaching template
  • Core exercises of CKT Level 2 and the most important variations and assistance exercises
  • Corrective exercises for common practice errors
  • Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting- arming the CKT with unlimited variations and progressions
  • Techniques and programming for Kettlebell Sport practice
  • The IKFF Standard for Excellence

What makes CKT so unique among Kettlebell certification courses?

IKFF distinguishes from other Kettlebell certification courses by our holistic approach to mind-body fitness and health. With kettlebell as the primary tool of CKT courses, the integration of our controlled-intensity kettlebell curriculum with education in breathing, mobility, martial arts, flexibility and meditation forms our unique comprehensive approach to kettlebell fitness education.

The IKFF teaching experience is second-to-none, the first truly-global kettlebell certification for more than a decade providing hands-on education to thousands of fitness professionals in over 60 Nations across the globe and impacting the positive development of kettlebell education to thousands more via DVD and online instructional videos.

CKT dives deeply into the precise study of kettlebell exercise and provides to the student a principled-based approach to sustainable fitness through the mastery of the kettlebell.

The rich CKT education arms fitness professionals with the ability to offer the highest-quality kettlebell training to the students and clients they serve.

The IKFF Standard for Excellence

Attending an IKFF certification course is not enough to earn certification. The student must also demonstrate technical competence to earn a prestigious IKFF certification. CKT and CMS students must past the technical assessment with consistent form to receive IKFF certification

CKT Level 2 Assessment:

CKT Level 2-candidates are required to perform a Technical Assessment during the Level 2 course:


Option 1

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x20kg x 40 reps;
  • Snatch: 20kg x 100 reps (one hand change only)

Option 2

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x16kg x 65 reps;
  • Snatch: 16kg x 150 reps (one hand change only)

Option 3

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x24kg x 30 reps;
  • Snatch: 24kg x 70 reps (one hand change only)


Option 1

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x12kg x 40 reps;
  • Snatch: 12kg x 100 reps (one hand change only)

Option 2

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x8kg x 65 reps;
  • Snatch: 8kg x 150 reps (one hand change only)

Option 3

  • 2 KB Jerk: 2x16kg x 30 reps;
  • Snatch: 16kg x 70 reps (one hand change only)

Note that the CKT Level 2-candidate has an option of which weight to use; this allows for individual differences in size, age, and bodyweight

The 2 exercises are performed one right after the next with no rest or breaks in between exercises

The successful completion of the CKT Level 2 involves completion of the Assessment with strict execution of form. If the CKT Level 2-candidate is not able to successfully complete the assessment or to demonstrate competence in one of more of the techniques, the student will receive a Certificate of Participation and will need to subsequently demonstrate correction of the techniques by providing video of the completed Assessment with corrected techniques.

Active Certification

All IKFF–certified CKT and CMS trainers will maintain a commitment to continuous growth and development. The IKFF Assessments are how the CKT and CMS shows technical skill and is the criteria for professional standard. All CKT and CMS will stay current with technical practice, by re-certifying every 2 years