Certified Movement Specialist


In this CMS Mobility course I present the Big Ideas that are the focus of this class:

  • Breathing - Qigong
  • Balance mechanics and interplay
  • Coiling Core
  • Vertical transfer
  • Base and changing base
  • Hip and low back fluidity
  • Actual flow (not same as routines)

These are the Big Ideas that we focus on in this 5 hour CMS course, and you will have “homework” practice and you will submit a presentation of competence to complete the Earning of your CMS. I give you the info you need and your practice and get good, then great with it!

Since “mobility” is movement there is no possibility to explore every avenue. All training has its value. What is important is the function and how it can be applied for life and for Fitness and for martial arts or whatever the specific sport may be. In your case how to improve the golf components. And I can help you to understand that for your art form. You will integrate my methods into your way of doing things.

I present everything in clear detail and we practice to program the movement.

For the exam you will need to complete the following movements in under one minute:

  • The Whip
  • Kick the Door
  • Belly Down
  • Around the World
  • Protection Walk
  • Warrior Walk & Kick
  • Rocking Chair
  • Eagle Kick
  • Machine Gun