Will McCutcheon

Will McCutcheon

Location: Liverpool, England

E-Mail: irontrainer@live.com
Website: www.northwestkettlebells.co.uk


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Contact # 07974263503
Will McCutcheon is an Advanced Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Sports Therapist working in the Liverpool area for over 6 years. Will has worked for Liverpool Ladies FC for 5 seasons as Fitness Coach, Sports Therapist and most recently Assistant Manager, leaving this post in May ’07. He has worked with a large variety of clients including sports specific, combat sports and football, injury rehabilitation and weight loss.

His kettlebell education began under the direction of Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC team leader, and has continued under Rannoch Donald of Kettlebells Scotland (IKFF Scotland Advisor). This ultimately led Will to complete the IKFF Level I CKT certification under Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn in September ’08.

Will predominantly utilizes kettlebells to meet his personal fitness goals and instructs his clients with kettlebells, free weight, body-weight, sand bags and Indian clubs depending on individual requirements and goals.