Wayne Francomb

Wayne Francomb

Location: Liverpool, England

E-Mail: sales@nwkettlebells.co.uk
Website: www.nwkettlebell.co.uk

Wayne Francomb is a Qualified Advanced Personal Trainer & International Sports Coach, I.K.F.F Instructor, and a Jujitsu Expert, he is also certified in numerous health & fitness qualification, and has been in the health & fitness industry for over 13 years.

Wayne’s passion for Jujitsu become apparent at the tender age of 3. His dedication and determination awarded him his 4th dan black belt at the age of 15.

After graduating, Wayne continued his academic studies to obtain the highest recognized
Personal Training qualification. His expertise combined with his fun effective military teaching methods have made him one of the most sought after Personal Trainers in the North west today.

Wayne discovered his newly found passion for Kettlebells after extensive research into the fitness market for ways to improve his personal fitness and martial arts training. Shortly afterwards, Wayne qualified as an International Kettlebell coach with the IKFF by world renowned instructors Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn from the USA.

Wayne has now adapted this new approach towards his existing Personal Training company, his client base varies from sport professionals i.e MMA fighters, boxers, athletes, Tour de France & marathon competitors, the armed forces, business men and women to everyday people, wether you need to work on mobility, get fighting fit, excel in your sport division, or want general all round fitness to a prolonged life, then Kettlebells is the solution you need, whatever your level everyone is treated with the same enthusiasm and respect.