Valentine Rawat

Valentine Rawat

Location: Leeds, England, UK

Website:,,, http://ukkettlebells.com

Valentine Rawat Biography Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist
Valentine is the founder of his Personal Training Studio, RawFit, and The Holistic System. Valentine is unquestionably one of the best personal trainers, in the North East of the UK.  He is a master of fitness motivation, and possesses a rare combination of deep fitness knowledge and a terrific ability to communicate what will change your perspective on fitness. His insights are highly-valued by the industry and media, and his presentations are not to be missed.  He is an expert at keeping the “person” in personal training and can quickly identify the most important parts of a fitness routine. A graduate of Future Fit Training & University of East London with a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports & Recreation, Coaching,  as well as Weight Management, and Sports Nutrition. Valentine has been working in the fitness industry since 2003. He is also a qualified Massage Therapist having graduated from Thomas Danby College Leeds. He attained a Diploma in Holistic Therapy specializing in Remedial Sports Deep Tissue Massage.

From a very young Valentine has been involved in various sports from field athletics, to completing few marathons, rugby, and still continues to study Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, JuJitsu and Tae Kwon Do. His formal education coupled with a lifetime of competitive sports and a genuine hunger for health, fitness, strength and conditioning allows Valentine to provide sports specific training, detailed body composition & fitness testing, weight/fat loss & body sculpting programs, strength training, conditioning training and various indoor and outdoor group fitness classes. Whichever approach is taken it is dynamic, depending entirely on the current requirement of the client and utilising various tools such as Kettlebells, Power Hammers, Olympic Bars, Elite Rings to Power Bands. Current client list are varied and some include athletes from the following sports; MMA, Thai Boxing, Rugby Union, Triathlon and Iron Man competition.

RAWFIT UK: leading provider of Pro-Grade competition Kettlebells and Original Russian Kettlebells and ever more expanding home fitness and garage/basement gym gear in UK.

RAWFIT GYM opening up in 2010