Tyson Dimmitt LMT, CKT

Tyson Dimmitt LMT, CKT

Location: Fairfield, IA

Email: strengththerapy@live.com
Website: www.mystrengththerapy.com

Tyson has been feeding his fascination for the human body and it’s potential since he can remember. He has been a practicing massage/manual therapist since 2000 and considers himself blessed to work within such a challenging and rewarding field of study.

His practice has evolved into a hybrid of hands-on and exercise therapy that encourages energetic and structural integration supported through the development of neuromotor skills and strength. Kettlebell training is a key component to his therapy programs as it provides an effective means for building strength, work capacity and mobility while teaching body alignment and fluid movement.

He enjoys working with individuals from all walks of life and crafts therapy and training programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

Curriculum Vitae / Certifications

*Boulder College of Massage Therapy
*Canadian College of Osteopathy
*Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Institute
*Licensed Massage Therapist
*Certified Fitness Therapist – ISSA
*Certified Kettlebell Teacher (Level I) – IKFF