Trent Murgatroyd

Trent Murgatroyd

Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: 0846-672253

My name is Trent Murgatroyd, I teach kettlebells and boxing at the TopBox Gym in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa. I discovered Russian Kettlebells in 2004, and since then, I have never looked back! In May 2008, I completed my RKC in Denmark, and then in October 2008, the CKT.

My training commenced in 1985 – martial arts: Aikido, Kyokushinkai Karate, JKA and Kickboxing. Since 2004, Kettlebell lifting has added a fresh and exciting dimension to my training. It is both challenging and functional; increasing overall strength, power, core stability, muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

I currently train people of mixed abilities – from those individuals who wish to get into great shape and/or improve their overall fitness and strength – to athletes from various sporting codes. I’ve had the honor of working with some world-ranked competitors in Boxing, Judo, Enduro and Cycling/Mountain Biking. My participation in amateur boxing has lead to strength and conditioning of several pro-boxers.

My goal as a Kettlebell trainer is to make each session challenging, fulfilling, functional, safe and fun! Providing systematic progression and structured sessions to enable folk to achieve their personal goals is critical for me. I welcome people of all ages and abilities. The oldest person that I’ve had the privilege of training (thus far) – has been a 90-year-old lady! Kettlebells can improve your condition – no matter what age you are – or your current level of fitness: Kettlebells can and will make you better!

It is my dream to see kettlebell lifting as an Olympic sport, to attend the Olympic Games – either as a participant or as a coach. I would also like attain ‘Master of Sports’ in kettlebell lifting. I would like to expand kettlebells into the whole of Southern Africa as a fun and results-orientated method of training.