Tim Anderton-Tyers

Tim Anderton-Tyers

Location: Fortrose, Ross-shire

E-Mail: tim.anderton@hotmail.com
Website: Under construction

I came to Kettlebells after meeting with a newly certified KB trainer (Rannoch Donald) at a Krav Maga seminar.  We both spent the weekend working hard and throwing each other around the room, but at the end of that weekend I couldn’t help noticing that the KB trainer wasn’t breathing anywhere near as hard as everybody else and there was a poise and balance to his movements that caught my attention.  So I spoke to him about it and went along to learn the basics.  I’ve had problems with my joints and my back for years, and suddenly here was a way to get fit, to stay fit and to build lasting strength and mobility.  I was hooked.

I’ve been training with Kettlebells for three years now, having originally learned the RKC approach.  I completed the CKT level 1 certification in March 2010.  With an interest in holistic health and fitness, I take a practical approach to my training, focussing on fitting consistent, regular workouts around a very busy schedule.  The IKFF system is outstanding for this.

I’m not currently offering training, but am putting together a programme and approach to do so, so please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in learning more.