Stuart Agars

Stuart Agars

Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK



Stuart is the owner of the National Centre for Combat Martial Arts.  He is a Guardian of Lau Gar Kung Fu appointed by Master Jeremy Yau with overall experience in Traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.  Stuart is a Tai Chi Student of Master Limint Yue.  Mr. Agars is a 4 time British Kung Fu Association Lion Dance Champion and a 2006 Winner of the British Kung Fu Association National Forms Competition.   As you may gather, Stuart Agar is not only an instructor but continues to be a student so he is able to offer a well rounded program to his clients.

Stuart believes there is no other piece of equipment like a kettlebell in terms of rate of progress and development of strength, speed, endurance and of short range power. Kettlebells provide functional training, can improve your balance and posture – we invite you to train at the NCCMA gym.

Private tuition and classes are available throughout the week.