Steve Nave

Steve Nave

Location: San Diego, CA

Phone: 888-995-2224


Steve has served as a US Navy SEAL for 20 years. He brings to you and your training a broad background of strategy, tactics and fitness. His SEAL Team career, exposure and interaction have given him practical experience that few have come to know. He has developed a mental and fitness philosophy for his clients that transcend mere physical health and include emotional, spiritual, and what he feels is the most important, mental toughness and focus. This multi-dimensional training encompasses all of these “states of being” and the results his clients achieve are nothing less than extraordinary. By learning and applying the proper execution of mental strength or “mental toughness,” coupled with physical strength you will get life results beyond even your own expectations.

Serving as UDT/SEAL instructor for many years, he has put thousands of students through what is often thought of as the toughest military training in the world, both physically and mentally. His specialties include Competitive Performance Strategies™ (commonly referred to mental game coaching) and Advanced Kettlebell training.

Steve’s philosophy is simple:
“You must believe that improvement and goal attainment is possible. As long as you truly believe that you can reach your goals and objectives, you will. That belief in yourself and abilities is real – tangible. It is this belief that creates passion that will prompt you to willingly pay the price to achieve success.”

Steve holds a Masters degree in Business Administration in addition to the following certifications and specialty training:



  • Mental Gaming Coaching Professional (MGCP)
  • Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) IKFF
  • American Kettlebell Club Certified Instructor (GS Style)
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certified Instructor
  • Level 1 Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK)
  • Golf Biomechanic Certified – CHEK
  • Nutrition Lifestyle Coach Level 2 – CHEK
  • Metabolic Diet Typing Advisor Advanced – Health Excel
  • Health & Fitness Instructor – American College of Sports Medicine


  • Mental Game Coaching
  • Advanced Kettlebell Training
  • Hard Core Military Style Training
  • Bulgarian Bag Intensive Training
  • Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition