Steve Meidinger

Steve Meidinger

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Telephone: (719)-291-6532

Steve has been heavily involved in the fitness and nutrition fields for over twelve years.   He began kettlebell training in 2001 and has continued to evolve his practice over the years.  After holding certifications through other kettlebell organizations, he began to search for better ways to refine his practice.  This pursuit led him to the IKFF philosophy of training and sport lifting.

Steve currently trains out of Lifequest Transitions in Colorado Springs, CO.  LQT is a non-profit organization that helps wounded veterans and active military personnel  transition back to civilian life and also prepares them for their return to duty.  Using kettlebell and free weight techniques, bodyweight movements, grip training, visual, vestibular and balance training, joint mobility, biofeedback and various other tools, he is able to help soldiers move better, reduce pain, increase performance and overall well being.

Steve is active in the Colorado mountains, enjoying mountaineering, snow and ice climbing and backpacking.  He is currently training for grip strength competitions and sees himself on the kettlebell sport platform in the future.  Steve is currently available for general fitness/fat loss training and sport specific training in personal or group settings.