Stefano Chiriaco

Stefano Chiriaco

Name: Stefano Chiriaco



Location: London, England, UK

Stefano Chiriaco is an award-winning Life Coach & Personal Trainer from London (UK). He was previously Great Britain’s Official Personal Trainer Of The Year at the International Fitness Showcase Awards which pushed his ambitions even higher.

Stefano has enjoyed unrivalled success in his career, working as a TV Presenter on SKY and being sponsored by International Sports Brand USN as their brand ambassador and hero (2009-2011).

He is an inspiration to the people he works with, always demanding the best in them and getting results that people can rave about. His claim to fame was using Kettlebell Training to get exceptional results, working with Angie Dowds as his mentor and Steve Cotter (IKFF), becoming the UK’s most prolific trainer.

He has been featured in every major health and fitness magazine as either a guest, writer or promoting a product he is affiliated with.

Stefano won the Certificate Of Excellence 2015. He is now an author on Amazon, search his name for his latest ebooks.