Soren Moller Madsen

Soren Moller Madsen

Location: Denmark


I was introduced to kettlebells in 2009, and right away I knew that kettlebell training not only was very functional, but also particularly relevant for people wanting to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and technical skills.
I went to London in March 2010 to become CKT and was greatly inspired by Steve Cotter, and after completing the course I feel much more inspired in my own training as well as I know different kettlebell drills will improve strength for young and elderly people.

Originally, my sports background is from kickboxing, which I have practiced since 1999. I have both participated in tournaments and now my role is to teach new students/fighters to become better. Obviously, kettlebell training is therefore relevant for me and in my teaching, as it is an important tool in physical training in kickboxing – also for improving technical skills as well as enhancing strength, flexibility and oxidative capacity.

In my personal training I have taught different people with different backgrounds, including diabetics, patients with COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease), ranger aspirants, track runners and people wanting to improve their strength.
In order to vary my own training, I often run and swim. In addition, in order to get new inspiration I participate in crossfit, which is rather new in Denmark.

In little less than one year, I will finish my thesis in human physiology. More than 4 years of study in how exercise affects human body, I gradually know how the body can be designed/adapted to different sports purposes. This has given me a great opportunity to teach fitness instructors, personal trainers and also university students at bachelor level.

However, for me it is not pure academic life. It is very important to me to feel how exercise affects body. Besides having the passion for hard exercise, I also participate in mountain climbing and my next project will be to cross Greenland.
Therefore kettlebell training is a welcome inspiration for me – both in my own training programme as well as it is an important tool in my personal training with other clients having specific demands for specific purposes.

As a student I work in my spare time, among others in Århus. In order to considering me as a personal trainer, you should expect a very dedicated person wanting you to achieve your goals. However, remember the fact that it is you that must deliver the results. Therefore, it is important that you consider what kind of training you want and you can expect hard training improving your mental and physical status.
Never having tried kettlebell training, it is never too late, and you will realize that it is a whole new dimension, probably changing your vision on exercise forever.