Kettlebells for Tennis

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Kettlebells for Tennis with Steve Cotter is a one of a kind DVD – there is nothing on the market like it! This double DVD set is for kettlebell lifters and tennis players alike and includes detailed instruction and interviews with some of the best tennis coaches in the game.

Steve will take you through the basics of kettlebell lifting and corresponding tennis shots/techniques. Included is an intermediate section and a Dynamic Warm-up & Cool Down. Shot on location with extensive “Steadi-Cam” usage, this double DVD set includes a separate “routines” DVD, and a “Coaches Corner” bonus section.

Steve will also explain all the finer points necessary for safe, effective kettlebell lifting, including breathing, posture, safety guidelines and precise mechanics for each of the lifts.

Find out why PROS train with Kettlebells now and get the ADVANTAGE the top players have!

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