Ryan James Willis.

Ryan James Willis.

Location: Belmont, MA.

E-Mail: ryanjameswillis@gmail.com
Website: http://www.snffitness.com

Ryan learned weightlifting in college where he was a football lineman and worked with the school’s strength and conditioning coach for two years.  Post football, and throughout his 20’s, he practiced bad eating habits, and the same old weightlifting routines.  In April 2009, carrying around 325 pounds with aching shoulders and a bad lower back, he stepped out the door to start jogging and see if he could begin shedding some weight, “maybe 30 or 40 pounds” he thought.  To everyone’s surprise, he lost over 100 pounds in a year!  He has kept that weight off for a second year and feels like he has regained his youth.

During his weightloss journey, Ryan became very active at the gym and learned how to eat a healthy diet.  He has tried many different forms of exercise and gives a lot of credit to the fitness trainers he trained with either in group classes or on the gym floor.  That is why he has chosen to become a trainer himself.  He wants to do his part to help the public reach their fitness goals, and plans to focus on using Kettlebells and Pilates to help men and women change their own bodies.

He is currently studying for the NASM CPT exam, and is willing to give kettlebell instruction in group or one-on-one settings.