Rosa Coelho

Rosa Coelho

Location: London, UK


Rosa is founder of Rocofit Personal Training.   She is a qualified personal trainer, nutritional advisor, sports massage therapist and has written for several leading UK fitness magazines. She successfully coaches clients to permanently lose body fat through following primal diet and lifestyle protocols.

Rosa uses a combination of kettlebell and body weight training in her sessions with a focus on quality of movement and mobility.  She has found kettlebells to be an invaluable tool.  With carefully designed programs focussing on technique and progression, her clients have not only become fitter and stronger but have have improved their quality of movement as well as confidence.  She has not only been successful in using kettlebells for fat loss but also as a cross training tool for marathon runners, including herself.  Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to strengthen the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and lower back), areas typically weak in runners.

Rosa prides herself in being one of the best in whatever she does.  She remains committed to continuous training and furthering her skills and education, as a result she found it essential to get one of the best qualifications for Kettlebells the CKT.

Favourite quote: Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better – Darren Hardy