Ray Wilson

Ray Wilson

Location: Scotland UK

E-Mail: kettlebellsaberdeen@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.kettlebellsaberdeen.com

IKFF Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Teacher

Food & drink can be “moor-ish”…. can kettle bells?…Damn right!!

Ray is Northeast Scotland’s only qualified Kettlebell teacher.  His kettlebell training adventure began in February 2008 and since getting a grip, the bell has taken charge of his training and well-being.

My training has to be effective, functional and satisfying. I’m not a professional; I’m just an ordinary guy with positive training and well-being goals.  I feel the benefits of kettlebell training and will take you along on the ride!

This horned cannonball can do it all – it just needs your dynamic input to shift it. I’m committed to exploring the options and applying kettlebell training with many applications, keeping it effective, functional and satisfying, of course!

A native of Aberdeen, Ray has trained at the Aberdeen Martial Arts Group for 8 years.  Ray is an apprentice instructor under Pat Davies and a candidate instructor under Sifu Marc McFann in the Unified Fighting Arts.  In addition Ray is a full contact stick fighter in the Dog Brothers.

Contact Ray at kettlebellsaberdeen@yahoo.co.uk for details on workshops, classes and private tuition, or visit www.kettlebellsaberdeen.com.

“We ain’t here for a long time; we’re here for a good time!