MT Ray Wilson – UK –

MT MT Ray Wilson – UK –

Ray first trained and certified with the IKFF in Sept. 2008 and continues to train with Steve and Ken at any opportunity he can.

“Passing the CKT was not just a tick-the-box exercise for me. The IKFF are proud to learn more and develop their CKT program and I always want to be there to keep my training true to form and soak up key lessons and developments.”

Ray runs Kettlebells Aberdeen in Scotland and offers kettlebell education and classes for general fitness. More recently, he has offered kettlebell training for sport-specific fitness and is always excited to share his passion for kettlebell lifting.

“I discovered kettlebells through my martial arts training originally, and now I teach classes and workshops in Aberdeen. I love seeing gains made by people who train with the kettlebell regularly in my sessions – whether it’s strength, fat loss, agility, confidence for example, everyone can have huge gains specific to them and I embrace that about kettlebell training.”

A keen lifter in Kettlebell Sport in the UK, Ray is also the coach of the Aberdeen Kettlebell Club.

“I started lifting in competition in October 2011, and since then helped over a dozen athletes lift in competition. The rewards come in many forms, not just medals. It can be a real challenge for some people to commit to training required for a competition, let alone stand on the platform. So when my team get up on there and lift their best for themselves, it’s entirely inspirational.”

Ray achieved MS in Biathlon competition in August 2013, and is now working towards the same rank in Long Cycle. The IKFF’s Ken Blackburn is his coach.

“I am very passionate about kettlebell training, always keen to learn more, perform better, and keen to encourage others to lift as best as they can. My CKT in the UK is delivered with as much passion, hard work and enjoyment as I have had the pleasure of receiving from Steve and Ken.

The CKT is not just about the ability with the kettlebell, it’s about firm understanding and being able to teach others.
Let’s load up & lift!”

Ray can be contacted on, or visit KBA on