Rannoch Donald

Rannoch Donald

Location: Scotland,UK

Email:  rannoch@kettlebellsscotland.com
Website: www.kettlebellsscotland.com
Website: www.simplestrength.com


Rannoch is Scotland’s only CKT IKFF & RKC certified Kettlebell instructor. Based in Edinburgh he has a lifelong interest in fitness, martial arts and wellbeing. Kettlebells Scotland’s motto is simple – “What we teach is how we train”

Scotland’s Kettlebell authority hosts workshops aimed at average people of all fitness levels who are looking for exceptional results. He has conducted workshops for the NationalRowingAcademy and Edinburgh Universities Centre for Sport & Exercise and hosts regular introductory seminars in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“The challenge is to provide participants with the tools they need take charge of their own health & fitness and create a safe, efficient, effective and enduring practice” Rannoch Donald – CKT IKFF / RKC

Kettlebells Scotland’s approach to wellness focuses on mobility & bodyweight drills and, of course, the incredible versatility of the Kettlebell.

“Rannoch is an excellent instructor who gets over all the important points with patience & humour. My students absolutely loved it, & many invested in KB’s after the seminar” – Mark Davies – Tactical Edge Master Instructor – Blackbelt Academies

“And Rannoch is an fantastic instructor and extremely knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend his workshops to anyone. The pace of instruction was just right and the techniques clearly demonstrated and explained, catering for individuals of varying fitness levels” – Robert – West Lothian – Workshop participant