Panagiotis Kiskiras

Panagiotis Kiskiras

Location: Athens, Greece


Certifications: International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) Certified Kettlebell Trainer – Level 1

Takis has been practicing athletics since his early childhood, where he excelled as a swimmer for many years.  After his first training experience with his teacher, George Chalkias (Regional Director and Administrator for IKFF Greece), Takis began training intensively in Krav Maga (Israeli self defence system), supplemented with Kettlebells.  Takis later received his certification as a Certified Kettlebell Trainer under the direction of Steve Cotter, the Director and founder of IKFF.

Takis aims to train those who have an interest in improving their general athletic capability, health and harmony of the body and the mind.  Through the use of Kettlebells, Takis can assist his trainees to see the dramatic benefits of simultaneously working in aerobic as well as anaerobic capacity, which will increase physical well-being, strength, explosiveness and endurance.