Nyx Black

Nyx Black

Location: Virginia, serving: Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, and surrounding areas

E-Mail: nyxblack@3ptfitness.com
Website: www.3ptfitness.com
Telephone: 850-240-3540

I’m Nyx Black, a Louisiana native, and the founder of 3 Point Fitness in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  I have loved fitness my entire life, and have tried just about every style of working out and every fitness tool out there.  But to be honest, I appreciate balance in life, and I don’t want to spend hours in the gym.  And that is why I am passionate about kettlebells and the efficient, full-body workouts that go along with them.  Just like you, I have a busy life, so I especially understand how to use kettlebells as a tool to help get you fit and healthy as effectively as possible, and without wearing you out!

My training philosophy is that fitness has to be fun, and has to be work all at the same time!  I see myself as part of my client’s team.  So we work together, always taking into account the time they have, their stress levels, current fitness levels, and their goals.  No “one size fits all” programs or approaches here.

I specialize in kettlebell teaching and personal training, with lots of options for locations: in-home, outdoors, online, or at Langley Air Force Base Fitness Centers.