Nathan Doud

Nathan Doud

Location: Ventura.CA


As Owner/Head trainer at BeachSide CrossFit in Ventura CA I can note that Health & Fitness has been a lifelong journey for myself, this is a path that started before I could shave my face or drive myself to a gym. I was a kid living the American dream (obesity), went from thin and trim as a young kid to flab and drab before I was out of Junior High, I couldn’t see my feet, I decided to put a change to that, and its continued to evolve, through lifelong practical , sport and education. As my knowledge continues to grow so does  my passion to start a change in others lives, whether it be to get back to fit, or take a current level of fitness to athletic potential.

My education background falls into an area outside of the fitness world, I graduated with a Degree  in Electronics Engineering, this degree led me to a great opportunity to see the world, I traveled extensively for over 7 years, trotting all over the planet, I have wondered over 24 states in this great country, and been deep in culture in  20 different countries over 6 continents. From walking down the streets of Kiev in the Ukraine,  to standing in front of the Kremlin and birthplace of Kettlebell in Moscow,   stepping off the bullet train in Tokyo, or snowboarding down 20,000ft of mountains in the Swiss Alps,  on the back of moped that looked and felt like it could break in half in India , watching Shaolin Monks perform in China, spending time in Muy Thai training camps in Phuket (Thailand) then riding the back of elephants in Chaing Mai (Thailand) , to training with mma UFC fighter in Hove, England (John “the hitman” Hathaway).

What does this all have to do with Kettlebell training? …… It has given me a unique perspective on life, family, health and fitness. All different cultures, different languages, different lifestyles all share a common bond, the body and its amazing ability to be sick or well ,weak or strong, fit or unfit.

•    Certified Kettlebell Teacher-CKT-IKFF
•    Certified CrossFit Trainer
•    Certified CrossFit Basic Barbell Trainer
•    Certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
•    Certified CrossFit Endurance Trainer
•    Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer