Fransceso Rigoli

Fransceso Rigoli

Location: Livorno – Tuscany


Francesco was born on  22nd July 1983 in Livorno.  He practices and studies  Wing Tzun of the EBMAS Federation since 2002.  He practices Escrima , a Filipino martial arts, (4° level student).  He is specializing  in the functional training and kettlebell work out because he strongly believes that  their extreme versatility can bring  his clients to reach the best results in short time both for body and mind.

Together with Valerio Perullo he leads , at  Green Dragon in Livorno, one of the few group courses of  Kettlebell  in Italy

– Instructor 2° TG of  Wing Tzun
– Instructor of weight lifting and physical culture since  2009 (FIPCF-CONI)
– Instructor of  Kettlebell for FIF – 1° level -August 2009
– Instructor cardio kardiokombat for FIF – August 2009
– Instructor CKT 1 – Rome, December 2009
– Instructor  CKT 2 – Milan, April 2010
– Instructor  Ghiri Sport 1 – May 2010