MT Yani Kokozaki – Lebanon –

MT MT Yani Kokozaki – Lebanon –

IKFF level 1 Master Trainer

Yani was the first trainer to introduce kettlebell lifting to Lebanon in 2010. He has been working with kettlebells since 2009 and works with IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) to continuously promote kettlebell training. A certified personal trainer that works with a variety of clients including combat athletes (MMA fighters), personal trainers and men and women of all ages and abilities.

Yani’s training philosophy is ‘Move With Strength’ a belief that grew from his interest in martial arts and led him to Kettlebells. “It should no longer be JUST about building muscles but also about functional ability and performance”. Yani incorporates this philosophy into his training programs with his clients as well as his own workouts.

He also enjoys partaking in Capoeira, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and outdoor activities.