MT Trent Murgatroyd – AFRICA –

MT MT Trent Murgatroyd – AFRICA –

It was the year 2004 that I discovered Russian Kettlebells! And since then, I have not looked back. My background lies in martial arts – Aikido, Kyokushinkai and JKA (Shotokan) Karate, kickboxing and some amateur boxing. However, it was kettlebells that necessitated great physical and mental challenges for me, whilst providing me with a systematic approach to training that would facilitate longevity within the sport.

I was involved in bringing Steve Cotter to South Africa for the first time in 2008 to coach us. I had completed the RKC course, but Steve Cotter’s approach and teaching methods were for me, at the time, so radical and yet made so much sense! It was then that I decided that I wanted to be part of Steve Cotter’s IKFF – I wanted to learn from, grow with and be a part of this dynamic and informative organization.

The IKFF’s approach is one that embraces all participants. It is inclusive – the IKFF methods can be applied to both highly skilled competitive lifters, as well as to members of the general public who simply wish to get into better physical condition. After my first CKT experience with Steve Cotter, I made a decision to bring Steve back to South Africa as often as possible – so that other folk could learn and benefit from his instruction as well

Since 2010, Steve has returned to our country yearly, each time bringing with him the latest, cutting-edge training methods and protocols. Kettlebells has grown significantly in South Africa – It was a privilege for us to host the world’s first-ever CKT 3.

We are expanding relationships through the IKFF to areas outside of South Africa – ranging from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius and also the UAE. I would like to grow the IKFF philosophy into the whole of Africa (and beyond) as a fun, results-orientated method of training, which can enhance the performance of almost any other sport, and also as a sport unto itself.

My journey as a kettlebell teacher-trainer commenced in 2008, a few years after I had first discovered kettlebells. I began teaching preparatory-level kettlebell seminars, workshops and certifications in South Africa for instructors under the IKFF banner. The primary goal of these courses has been to specifically help individuals and trainers prepare for CKT 1 and 2. Being a teacher-trainer is a great passion for me! Many of the kettlebell techniques have been really difficult for me to learn, and as a result, I had to be an observant and intuitive “trouble-shooter” and teacher. I hold a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, which enables me to include an element of science to help participants understand correct technique in the art of lifting.

It is truly a great honor to be a part of the IKFF: This is an unparalleled organization, led by the greatest pioneering kettlebell minds and lifters with unparalleled pedigrees. The most dedicated athletes represent the core of the IKFF whose work-ethic and commitment to the sport remains unwavering.