MT Megan Jaffray – AFRICA –

MT MT Megan Jaffray – AFRICA –

I started training Kettlebells (with Trent Murgatroyd) in 2006. Kettlebells in South Africa was, at that time, an unknown entity. We had some, but very little exposure to kettlebell techniques and training methods, so progress was limited. However, in 2008, Steve Cotter of the IKFF came to our country and we were able to attend CKT1. This was an eye-opener: For the first time, we were exposed to systematic training methods and new, mechanically efficient techniques! This was very exciting for us: The relationship with the IKFF had begun!

In 2010, we (unsuccessfully) attempted CKT2. It was back to the drawing board. A year later, under Trent’s coaching and applying the new IKFF techniques programming, I re-did CKT2, this time successfully. CKT2 involves double kettlebells…And this was where my love for doubles started…

I think that, in life, the things you struggle with the most, ultimately grow into your greatest love and appreciation: The improvements are small and so precious, that one embarks on a love-affair with the nemesis! So it was for me and doubles…

In 2013, CKT3 was completed, together with MKS. IKFF has always led the way in offering enormous opportunity to learn and have access to the latest training information and techniques.

Kettlebells has taught me to be patient with my body and myself: All things take time. Greed for faster results has no place: It is time under load, remaining calm and focused in the face of one’s nemesis; in addition, one learns respect for everyone who steps up to participate in this challenging arena.