Mohammed Kanini

Mohammed Kanini

Location: Vietnam


Facebook: lkanan

My name is Mohammed Kanini. I’ve started my fitness life since very young with swimming thenattended some competitions, but very soon after I started my coaching life in swimming and being a life guard.

At military service I was a sport soldier and use to attend competition between military organizations and beyond in swimming and triathlon.

10 years ago I’ve move to Malaysia and I  joined my first group exercise classes and  got so into it early and after a few years started to be an instructor.

After starting my teaching career I started to do some boot camps and  got introduced to functional training, mainly kettle bells.

I was really satisfied with functional training and really enjoy doing it. Kettlebell is one of the greatest tools that I’ve used for my own training including some other equipment.

Fitness is very new in Vietnam (the place I’m working with California Fitness and Yoga Center), but it is growing so fast.

I’m really grateful to work in such an energetic and passionate place and we(as the first batch of CKT kettlebell instructors in Vietnam )are trying to make best out of this great tool and introduce it to the people of Vietnam.