Mike Sanders

Mike Sanders

Location: Newton, NJ

E-Mail: mike.sanders.kbfit@gmail.com
Website: www.mikesanderstraining.com
Telephone: (973) 670-7047

Mike Sanders is a diversified fitness trainer, with a massage therapy background, who began Kettlebell training approximately four years ago with the mindset to explore new fitness interests for his personal training clients in order for them to reach their maximum potential. Mike Sanders is a certified Level II IKFF International Kettlebell instructor personally trained by Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn.  He has also achieved his American Kettlebell Coach (AKC), and Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) trainer certification.

Mike encourages his clients to push their limits and reach their goals by using Kettlebells, Battling Rope Systems, Indian Clubs, TRX Suspension training, Sandbags, and Body weight exercises during workouts.  Mike’s ultimate goal is to create a fun and challenging workout that is positive and increases improved strength and mental toughness.  Mike consistently reminds all of his clients that hard work takes time but they are “Building Better Bodies One Rep At A Time”

His commitment is to help all his clients achieve positive fitness results while overcoming any physical aliments or obstacles that they possess.  By creating customized full body programs designed for every individual, he helps his clients overcome their physical fitness limitations while motivating them with an overall helpful experience.  Utilizing Kettlebell continuous movements, Mike has created a fundamental component to all of his client’s routines that has increased their continuous interest and enthusiasm in improving their lifestyle.