Mike Eves

Mike Eves

Location: Warwickshire, The Midlands

E-Mail: mike@kickassfitnessuk.com
Website: www.kickassfitnessuk.com
Telephone: 01789 720176
Mobile: 07754 569353

•Certified IKFF Kettlebell Teacher (CKT)
•Certified Natural Fitness Trainer (CNT1 & CNT2)
•Indian Club Trainer
•15 years in the sport of Judo – competing & instructing
•HSE First Aider
•Fully insured

“Strengthen the Body, Strengthen the Spirit”

Mike offers personal, partner or group kettlebell training in the Warwickshire and North Cotswold area. Kettlebell workshops are also available for your sports club or team.  You will taught how to be natural, fluid, athletic and efficient, focussing on technical proficiency, balance, coordination, agility, accuracy and recovery. Mike will empower you physically, mentally and emotionally; increasing your energy levels, improving your motor skills and achieving success in life and in any sport imaginable.
Choose to move, choose to challenge yourself and enjoy the process and accomplishment of achieving!

Please use the contacts above for more information.

Mike has also been trained in the use of medicine balls, sandbags, Jungle Gym (TRX), TNT cables, Powerwheel, Power Jumper, Eischens Yoga, sledge hammers, circuits, postural alignment, skipping, focus mitts and body weight exercises including handstands and headstands. All training sessions will be fun, challenging, structured and constantly progressed to achieve your fitness and life style goals. Every session will be maximised from beginning to end for optimal gain, teaching recovery and restoration after hard workouts. Discover progressive, new, exciting and challenging workouts – Fitness will never be boring again!
Mike incorporates simple nutrient rich eating,  teaching you how to eat for greater vitality, increased energy levels and lifelong health and happiness.