Mark Soo

Mark Soo

Location: Shanghai, China


Fitness specialist Mark Soo CKT Level II One of only two internationally certified Kettlebell instructors on Mainland China and the only in Shanghai. Coming from Australia, has been involved in fitness throughout his entire career-touching on most aspects of the industry. A pioneer of the international fitness scene in China for the past decade,  Has 22 years of related of training and industry experience, is renowned as one of the top all-round fitness experts currently based in Asia. Not just knowing about training systems and how to use the machines effectively in the gym room, but also designing and building them. Soo is a certified Master Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor and Gym Equipment Design Engineer holding a Master Degree in Industrial Design  IS the “Go to Guy” in Shanghai if you’re looking for serious training and fitness. Working with proven techniques and even the simplest of equipment, his coaching has led many along the way obtain their goals and new bodies including injury cases, elderly, CEO’s, doctors, martial artists, sportsman, fitness models,  show business and high profile figures.

Mr. Soo runs the leading All international Personal Training company “Eternity Fitness”China’s first specialty functional training boutique gym. During early 2002 conducted the first outdoor bootcamp style workouts for civilians which later makes its way to Shanghai-China’s Original Outdoor Bootcamp- “Bootcamp China”   Recently has founded the CKC (China Kettlebell Club) China’s first Official Kettlebell Community. The highly sought after fitness guru has regular appearances on national TV shows,newspapers and magazines. Recently creating challenges for the contestants on the first international hit reality show “Shanghai Rush” In 2009 created and launched China’s/Shanghai first reality fitness Body Transformation Challenge.
Mark’s unique style and teaching blends advanced methods of resistance training and body weight training with specialties in  Bodyshaping, Strength & Conditioning with an emphasis on “Functional Performance” packaged in fun-filled, action workouts! The intense cross-training workouts have proven so effective there is now a waiting list of eager clients. Mark describes training/ body shaping and machine design both as building a structure ” First you look at the big picture, than take care of the small details.” He says “seeing the average sedentary person suddenly making a big lifestyle change and go through a transformation is the best part of the job!”

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer (CKT II)
IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT I)
AIF Master Trainer
FISAF Internationally Qualified Personal Trainer
AIF Personal Trainer
AIF Gym Instructor
AIF Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
AIF Nutrition
AOK Advanced Medi-Ball Applications
AOK Musculoskeletal Assessment
First Aid – St Johns Ambulance
Masters Industrial Design
Bachelor Industrial Design