Marcus Quijas

Marcus Quijas

Location: Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan


Marcus has studied many of the current fucntional fitness systems available to help better prepare for the rigours of both millitary and private security contract work abroad,currently operating at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan.He has previous experience  miliatary as a para in the parachute regiment and as a dog handler/trainer in the royal vetinary corps.

Having been on many deployments and with limited equipment he has developed systems to maintain operational fitness in some of the worlds most austere environents.All the lessons he has learned have been applied in the real field of fire so he knows what works and what is just filler.Most important of all is mental attitude to all things in life and also the way you conduct yourself around others.

His speciality can be summed up as combat readiness,you have to be not only better prepared physically than the other guy but also better at reacting underpressure in a calm and co-ordinated fashion.Ultimatly he wants to set up his own fitness centre and bring all he has learnt to a wider audience back in the U.K.

Level 2 gym instructor
Level 3 peronal trainer(future fit)
Precision Nutrition Certified coach level 1
London Kettlebell Certified instructor
IUKL National Girevoy Sport instructor level 2
Underground Strength Certified Coach
CST instructor