Marcus Martinez

Marcus Martinez

Location: Orange County, California

MBody Strength



Ever since a young age, Marcus Martinez had a passion for sports and fitness. He was always looking for the most efficient and effective methods to better his conditioning for his chosen sport. From traditional bodybuilding workouts to sandbags, from bodyweight training to plyometrics, Marcus has tried it all.  It was in his search for the most effective and efficient workout tools and passion for constant improvement when Marcus found kettlebell training, from that moment he was hooked. Ever since then, he has used kettlebells for his own training and added the training implement to his client’s fitness and sports conditioning goals.  The all encompassing use of the kettlebell is great from athletes to soccer moms, firefighters to martial artists.   Even though Marcus is well-versed in many other modes of training, the kettlebell remains his tool of choice. After years of experiencing most everything the fitness world had to offer, he decided to start a fitness company that would share his experiences and take the guesswork out of getting into phenomenal shape with everyone. MBody Strength is about providing the most effective and efficient workout along with nutrition plans no matter the client’s goal. Marcus’s passion is passing his knowledge to others and seeing the true potential of his clients surpass what they ever thought possible.