Marco La Rosa

Marco La Rosa

Location: Palermo, Sicily


Repetitions, series, intensive sessions of my life have been marked by rhythms that alternated with these days the emphasis on the value of the movement, the limits on the possible and impossible, on the potential.

I studied at the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Sports Science. I met many professionals in the various courses, I have learned a lot from colleagues, by the students .. and I continue to learn.

Over time I managed to build a major academic career.  I saw the balance of different sports as the horizon of the sea, a kiss forever between heaven and earth.  I’ve been able to appreciate the flaws and imbalances, but these aberrations could be eliminated with the right approach and the correct dose of sacrifice. The athlete is the embodiment of soul and body healthy.

Success is the perfect balance of the two elements. The balance is life, life is to win.  Every day I follow different paths that lead to a better view of the sector and kinesiology and wellness.  Every day for me is a continuously updated knowledge aimed at the maximum of the best techniques and training strategies.