Manny Mima

Manny Mima

Location: Presov, Slovakia


Manny Mima is the owner and the founder of LifeFit personal training company in Presov, Slovakia.

He is a keen fitness enthusiast with the „I do as I preach” attitude. He has been involved in Fitness industry for over 4 years now.

As a trainer very “hungry” for a knowledge, he`s worked with and met some great coaches, Brain Hamill, Keith Morgan, Ivan Ivanov, Steve Nave and Steve Cotter.

Manny has successfully worked with many clients. The main focus of his training is weight-lost. He uses Kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, TRX suspension, boxing gloves and some other unusual “toys”.

His future plans are to become Strength and conditioning coach and to keep increasing his knowledge on anything and everything around fitness.

“One great coach said: “In life there are no limits.” You can achieve anything you want, if you focus on it and if you put your mind into it.”
~Manny Mima