Lorraine Dennis

Lorraine Dennis

Location: Melbourne, Australia

E-Mail: tljsdennis@gmail.com
Telephone: 04000 81123

Having had the pleasure of learning Kettlebell training from a consumate professional like Steve Cotter has enabled me to offer the best possible classes to all my committed & dedicated clients.  His attention to detail in both form and technique has taught me the importance of achieving the most out of Kettlebell training, which I have passed on to each participant.  My clients have all become noticeably fitter & stronger since using Kettlebells.  This simple tool really does offer a challenging full body workout each & every time you train and I believe it is second to none.
As a Paul Chek Health & Lifestyle Coach, I promote clean eating & lifestyle habits to help people achieve their fat loss goals and to attain a higher level of wellbeing.

I combine Kettlebell training with effective stretching and flexibility work learned through another great teacher, Kit Laughlin.  This allows greater muscle flexibility and joint mobility which compliments Kettlebell training perfectly.  Added to this is my Pilates training which allows me to effectively teach people the ability to engage their all important core muscles which is paramount not just in Kettlebell Training, but life.

Certified Kettlebell Teacher
Pilates Instructor
Stretch Therapist & Stretch Teacher
Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
Massage Therapist

Classes are held at Mernda Uniting Church Hall & Laurimar Community Centre, Doreen in Melbourne.

Class Times:
Monday        6-7am, 9:15-10:15 & 2-3pm
Tuesday        2-3pm & 6:30-7:30pm
Wednesday   6-7am
Thursday       1-2pm  &  2-3pm
Friday           6-7am  &  2-3pm
Sunday          6:30-7:30pm