Kirsten Tulloch

Kirsten Tulloch

Location: Tauranga, New Zealand


I am the founder and trainer at Tauranga Strength & Conditioning. My background prior to kettlebells and functional training was in bodybuilding in which I represented Scotland internationally. I trained under Steve Cotter in Edinburgh and am a CKT2.

At TSC, we offer group functional conditioning sessions at various times 7 days a week. Our sessions are unconventional and we use kit such as kettlebells, sandbags, War Machine suspension trainers, Battling Ropes, medicine balls, bodyweight exercises, barbell work, sled dragging, car pulling, sledgehammer tyre striking, tyre flipping….we even have a custom built monkey bar station! Our goal in these sessions is to get your entire body moving and working as a unit. We incorporate flexibility and mobility work into each session to help you to move freely and with ease as our bodies are designed to before sedentary jobs and one dimensional training got in the way.

We are available for private one to one PT, corporate sessions, private groups and sports teams.

We also offer courses in powerlifting, kettlebell training and core stability and balance training. These courses are instructional and held over an 8 week period where our clients are taught skills that they will keep for life and increase their performance and confidence.

We pride ourselves on offering what we call “semi personal training”. Our group sessions have a maximum of 10 people so our members are guaranteed time and attention from skilled coaches who ensure you do not just have a blast and leave in a sweaty mess, but that you do so in a skilled, safe and effective manner. We are technique freaks and we invest time making sure that everyone does everything correctly. Keeping our groups small allows us to do this so that our members gain skills and with it confidence in their own abilities.

We are a gym with a difference….we teach skills. Whether you train with us solely or train at another gym and come to us once or twice a week for conditioning or for one of our specialised courses, we aim to be your missing link. We know that training with us will propel your training, skills and body awareness to a whole new level.

Be prepared to work or be shown the door….welcome to the jungle 🙂

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