Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

E-Mail: justin.morgan.thomas@gmail.com
Website: http://instinct-fitness.com/Home/Welcome.html

After spending 10 years in law enforcement as well as the military Justin decided to follow his true passion of fitness.  Justin has been competing in sports such as mountain bike racing, triathlons, running, kettlebells, and light adventure racing for 15 years.  Justin’s background in the military and law enforcement gave him experience in firearms training, special tactics teams as well as constantly achieving high level PT scores.  Justin discovered kettlebells in his search for a rewarding, motivating, and fun workout to supplement his triathlon training.

In 2005 while training at the Martial Arts Sports Complex he met Jason Turko who transformed his entire impression of strength training.  Jason coached Justin through the basics and opened his eyes to what fitness really is.  Justin owes a lot of who he is today through training with Jason.  Together Justin and Jason want share their passion and drive people to be their best in fitness and life.

Since 2008 Justin has been earning certifications for Kettlebells and Fitness and continues to develop through continued education.

IKFF Level 1 and 2 (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation)