Justin Akinleye

Justin Akinleye

Location: Michigan, USA


eMail: justin@huronrivercrossfit.com

Justin has spent his entire life exploring athletics and how to communicate as a trainer and coach. His physical conditioning began as a toddler when he would sit at the front of his mom’s Yoga class as she taught. From there, he was introduced to marital arts, tracking and survival skills, boxing, weightlifting, and conditioning in preparation for his desire to be a United States Marine.

As a coach, Justin’s goal has always been to explore how to effectively connect with others to better assist them in achieving their own physical fitness goals. His varied background and diverse group of skills have given him a broad understanding of applying conditioning to the CrossFit community. Justin’s life mission is “SERVIAM” which in Latin simply means, “to serve.”


• CrossFit, Level 1 Trainer

• CrossFit, Judges Course

• International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, CKT-1

• Blackwater Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue Diver

• Heart Saver, First Aid, CPR AED

• Huron River CrossFit, Instructor

Contacte Justin at:

Huron River CrossFit
4477 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
734 436-4267