Juliet Lederle

Juliet Lederle

Location: Berkeley, CA

E-mail: juliet@junofit.com
Website: www.junofitness.com

Juliet has worked as a personal trainer since 2006, helping people of every fitness level, age, and gender achieve their personal fitness goals. Juliet believes personal training that combines strength training and cardiovascular fitness is ideal for helping the majority of clients realize their athletic potential.

Juliet constantly improves her own athletic skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate her clients. Working with Kettlebells, specifically kettlebell sport has honed her focus on functional fitness in personal training and has furthered her development of mobility, strength and endurance for use in personal and group training.

Certifications and experience:
ACE personal training certification
Cofounder: Phoenix Gym, Berkeley, CA
Founder and owner: Juno Fitness, Berkeley, CA

Email Juliet Lederle at Juliet@junofit.com
Website: www.junofit.com