Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez

Location:   Honolulu, HI


IKFF Level 1 CKT
WKC Trainer
AKC Coach

Jorge Gonzalez is the lead trainer and founder of Island Kettlebell located in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  As a fitness coach, Jorge is dedicated to helping people achieve their personal fitness goals.
For Jorge, kettlebell lifting is a means to an end.  His goal remains strengthening his mind and body, enabling him to enjoy all the adventures life has to offer such as like camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting and snorkeling.  He affirms that your body should not prevent you from doing things that you enjoy.

Jorge has first-hand experience with significant weight-loss and the long journey navigating through fitness, nutrition, and self-image issues.  Since losing over 100 lbs., Jorge has transformed his body and mind.  When people ask him how he did it, his response is simple, “eating right and exercise.”  Since then, Jorge has continued to search for more efficient and effective methods to improve his fitness and help others through their journey.  Jorge’s clients appreciate learning from someone who has gone through the weight-loss, the attitude change, and who learned how to eat properly through trial and error.  Jorge is able to relate to the daily struggle to lose weight and prepare healthy food on a budget.