Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

Director of Operations, UK

Industrial Strength London
strength and conditioning for the toughest of jobs


Jonathan Lewis is a Chartered Physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, co-owner of Balance Performance Physiotherapy and Industrial StrengthLondon in the United Kingdom. Irrespective of an individuals goals Jonathan’s approach to strength and conditioning is fundamentally the same, maximise athletic potential.

“Jonathan treats all his clients as athletes and performers.

The need to gain quality movement in order to reach optimal performance is shared by all: those rehabilitating following injury; people working for a long, healthy, strong and satisfying life; an athlete wanting improved sports results; a soldier needing fitness to fight; or men and women who are medically unwell.

The tools used are many, varied and based on what’s available and accessible. Bodyweight is available to all and the first port of call for work on mobility, movement quality, strength, flow, control and energy efficiency/endurance. For added resistance the kettlebell is the most effective and versatile for athletic results.

Jonathan has worked in the field of physical performance for over 20 years. Starting out as a Royal Marine Commando before moving into strength, conditioning and rehabilitation as a health and fitness professional, Jonathan’s expertise continues to evolve drawing all his personal, sporting and professional experiences together. “