Johanna Funk

Johanna Funk

Location: Fenton Michigan

Telephone: 810-599-2332

Beginning in February 2007 as a client of Bob Budai owner of Functional Strength Training  Johanna took great  interest in kettlebell training as it produced significant results in her fitness beyond other programs she had used. Johanna became a certified Kettlebell Instuctor ( RKC) in October 2007. Most recently received the CKT certification from IKFF and maintains her interest in using kettlebells as her primary training source. Not only does Johanna  train clients for fitness with kettlebells she is coaching clients for the sport (GS) competition.

As her  interest grew to kettlebell sport (GS) competition. To this date she is always training to compete in the sport.  Taking every opportunity to learn everything she can to help perfect her technique, such as attending Ken Blackburn’s training classes and recently attending a Long Cycle workshop presented by Denis Kanygin.  She is always continuing to find ways to expand on her knowledge of kettlebell lifting.

Additionally, March of 2008 Johanna became a flex band instructor (Jump Stretch) and has undergone TRX suspension training.  By using kettlebells, stretch bands and TRX Johanna has proven to keep herself, as well as her clients, well rounded athletes and has help reach fitness goals.

Johanna’s accomplishments include:
2009 Arnold Classic placing 1st in the 55kg weight class
2008 AKC National Meet 1st in the 55kg weight class
Achieved the “Iron Woman Award” at the 2008 Cross World Meet by lasting 10 minutes in all events (Jerk, Snatch, and Long Cycle)
2007 Cross World Meet  1st place first time using the professional bell 16kg (35lb). 148 snatches in 10 minutes
2007 Great Lakes and Cross World Meets respectively; impressively snatching the 12 kg (26 lb) bell 178 times