Jodi Boates

Jodi Boates

Location: North Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Jodi Boates local Multi Sport Athlete will take you through a successful journey toward optimal health and performance through physical, mental and spiritual preparation.

A certified Personal Trainer, Level 1 certified CKT, Reebok™ Certified Core Training Instructor, Cycle Reebok™ Spin Instructor, Master’s Swim coach and Weight Training Specialist, Jodi’s unique combination of in-gym and on-trail training systems are proven to help you reach your goals in both competitive sport, or simply to enjoy and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Utilizing the latest techniques and equipment for optimal development of human strength and endurance, Jodi’s programs are customized individually, yet implemented in small groups for added motivation.

•  2012 IKFF CKT Level 1
•  2012 IKFF meet Rank 1
•  2010 Canadian Master’s Regatta (Regina) Elite Sprint Kayak Racing
•  2008-2012 High Performance Kayak (HPK) Surf Ski Racing
•  2007 Bay Challenge (Swim across English Bay) 10km
•  2005-2006 Bay Challenge 10km, Seattle to Portland (325km Bike Ride)
•  2004 Ironman Canada – finisher
•  2000-2004 Triathlon Sprint, Olympic and ½ Ironman distances, Mountain/Trail running