Joanna Paterson

Joanna Paterson

Location: Brooklyn, New York


Fitness Professional, owner & developer BODIESYNERGY Fitness Brooklyn NY.

Born and raised in New Zealand, I have called New York City home for the past eight years. As a parent, I know the struggle of juggling work, family life, and maintaining a healthy fitness routine. I also know what it feels like to lose a few pounds; through a healthy diet and exercise, I have lost over 130 pounds and have managed to keep it off for the past 17 years!

Having experienced a variety of unfulfilling group fitness classes and training programs, I realized that those who influenced and helped me the most in my personal journey, had something that I wanted for myself: confidence, focus, a healthy lifestyle and a job that they loved!

Thus, I created BODIESYNERGY, which has allowed me to combine my passion for health, fitness and being outside. As a qualified fitness professional (with certifications from AFAA, IKFF, Spinning/Johnny G and Heartzones USA), I specialize in both strength and endurance training. Through BODIESYNERGY, I have developed a variety of programs for clients with a variety of fitness levels and goals in order to enrich their lives and help them be at their fitness-best.

Since 2009, I have developed BABIESYNERGY—a parent & baby workout where your ever-loving baby is used as resistance—in order to engage parents, caregivers and their babies. After 2 successful years on the Upper West Side and Chelsea Piers, the program now continues to grow in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

When not instructing, coaching or training, I compete in long distance cycling events, while enjoying the benefits of a wheat, gluten, dairy & caffeine-free diet. Most of all, I love being a parent to my beautiful daughter!