Jessica Rucker

Jessica Rucker

Location: Madison, WI


While growing up in Colorado, I was athletic as a child, but devoid of all athleticism as an adult. It never occurred to me that I would ever become an instructor for personal fitness at the Monkey Bar Gymnasium. Looking back, the road to this achievement was not easy but the benefits I reap now far outweigh the twists and unexpected turns I experienced along the way. In November of 2003, I had my body fat tested. I have always been naturally thin, but the results of my body fat put me in a close range of obesity. At the time this did not convince me enough to make any changes, but nonetheless, I started the 60-day Challenge.

The same day that I was being tested on how many push-ups I could do, Joy Hinds, Jon’s mother was also being tested. There is more than a 40 year difference in our ages, but she could do more knee push-ups than I could. When I began I was 35% body fat and 154 lbs. I immediately saw results not only in a serious loss of body fat but a huge gain in usable muscle. Here are my stats and total change. 143lbs, 16% body fat. That is a loss of 31 lbs of fat, a gain of 20 lbs of muscle for a positive change of 51 lbs!!

Today Jess spends most of her time managing the MBG, but still jumps in and kicks butt in a class or private session here and there. She is a Certified Natural Trainer 2 (CNT2) and CKT (Certified Kettlebell Teacher) with the IKFF. Jess has been playing classical piano since the age of 4 and she loves to travel. She has been to Japan, Fiji, Australia and Costa Rica… just to name a few!