Jerry Gray

Jerry Gray

Location: Big Rapids, Michigan


RKC & IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer
Sports Background, CPR Certified.
Competitive racquetball at the local, state and national level with the NMRA
Chicago and New York City marathons (26.4 miles)
50 km (30.6 miles) White Pine Stampede Cross Country Ski Race
360 mile DALMAC bike tour from Lansing to St. Ignace
Backpacking 1000+ miles including Volunteer projects for the CDTA and Backpacker magazine
Grand Masters Bodybuilding Shows
Girevoy Sport Competition, Oldest US Competitor, 24kg Snatch, 16kg Long Cycle

Sports Education:
Coached FSU Club Sport Racquetball Team 10 years
Vice Chairman of the American Collegiate Racquetball Assoc (ACRA) 5 years
SWISS Symposium, Toronto, Canada, Nutrition and Sports training
A4M Anti-Aging Conference
Paul Chek Holistic Exercise Science training, evaluation and nutrition
RKC and IKFF Kettlebell Certification

Leading by example to help people overcome physical, and mental roadblocks so that they may have a better quality of life.