Jennifer Nyp

Jennifer Nyp

Location: New York City, NY


Jennifer is the owner of ZenGirl Fitness in New York City’s SoHo district. (DD Fitness & Grasshopper Pilates co-own the space)

Jennifer has had a successful fitness career in New York City for over ten years. Ms. Nyp is an avid runner, regularly practices yoga and pilates. Physical activity has always been a vital part of her life.

Jennifer is a certified personal trainer (ACE), Power Pilates and kettlebell (IKFF) instructor. In addition, Jennifer holds multiple other fitness certifications. During Jennifer’s fitness career she has taught group fitness, pilates and yoga classes throughout the New York City and has a dedicated private clientele. Ms. Nyp’s training philosophy is based in core work and cross-training. Additionally, Jennifer believes in cardiovascular conditioning to enhance results, health benefits and get that happy “buzz” that is associated with cardiovascular fitness.