Jaya Nathani

Jaya Nathani

Location: Kolkata, India

E-Mail: jayanathani2@gmail.com
Telephone: 9330020166

Jaya has worked, and achieved great results with clients of different backgrounds for over 15 years now. A former state level cricketer herself, she knows what it means to train at the highest level . And it is this level of knowledge, experience, and dedication that she uses to achieve results with businessmen, housewives, corporate executives, students, etc.

• Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) from International kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)
• Certified from Total Fitness Course

Work experience (Gym Trainer):
• 10 Years in Bengal Rowing Club (BRC)
• 10 Years in ITC
• 1½  Year in OCIO
• 3 Years in Trim and Slim gym
• 5 Years in Maheshwari Health Centre.

Competitive sports experience:
• Participated in Kolkata Kettlebell Meet
• Played cricket for Bengal
• Achieved medals and certificates in sprints, obstacles, and relays.