Jason Dolby

Jason Dolby

Location: Manhattan Beach CA

E-Mail: cali-caveman@hotmail.com
E-Mail: jason@calicaveman.com

Z-Health Movement Therapist (Level 3)
ART (Lower Extremity)

With a diverse athletic background, including martial arts, football, rock climbing and backpacking, Jason has had experience with many fitness tools and conditioning modalities, but feels that the kettlebell reigns supreme. As a personal trainer and competitive kettlebell lifter, Jason feels that the kettlebell builds injury resistance, true endurance strength, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning all at once.

Aside from improving the health and wellness of the general public, Jason is currently bettering the mobility, conditioning, and athletic performance of firefighters, football players, kettlebell lifters, and MMA fighters. Jason states that “We were never designed to sit all day, whether at the desk, on the couch, in the car, or on a fitness machine! We were designed to move!”

Credentials – IKFF (CKT) (FMD), Z-Health (R, I, S, 9S), AKC, RKC, NASM (CPT), MBG (CNT), ART (Lower Extremity)